Why Flickr is My Online Backup Solution

I’ve complained about Flickr’s new redesign enough. There are some positives about the service that still out-do any other online photo sharing website.

For example, I am one of the lucky ones who have been grandfathered into Flickr’s unlimited photo plan when my Pro plan was renewed earlier this year. This means that for $25 per year I get unlimited photo storage.

screenshot of flickr unlimited available

This fact, coupled with the auto-upload feature in the Flickr app for the iPhone means I have everything I need to backup and store all of my photos taken on my iPhone.

Once I tested this system and used it for the last week, I turned off Photo Stream on my iPhone.

Updated workflow on iPhone is as follows:

  1. Take a photo.
  2. Next time I open the Flickr app, all of my photos are there.
  3. All done. I can download again, edit, publish anytime I wish.

The photos are automatically set as private until I decide to publish. That is it. No messing with sending to Dropbox, Loom, Everpix (now defunct), or trying to rely on the 1000 photo limit of Photo Stream to force me to get to the photos before they disappear into the aether.

If you are looking to use something other than Flickr, I recommend Loom.

From their website:

Loom is a place for all your photos and videos. One library, seamlessly organized and accessible from anywhere.

As I said on twitter, Loom is what Apple’s My Photo Stream should be.

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