2013 The Year We Missed

In 2013, we looked pretty ridiculous standing around staring at our phones, tablets, phablets, and iPads.

My goal in this post is to share photos I have curated that document the phenomenon of humans interacting with new technology.

Since I believe I am a better curator than writer, I will try to keep the words to a minimum.

man on phone

photo credit Timothy Kraus

photo credit Adam Toms
photo credit Steve Baker
photo credit Sally Walton

New technology is great, but we need to figure out what it means and how it fits into our lives.

Were our lives more meaningful and rich when we were analog?

What can we do today to enable meaning in a world that expresses emotion through a like button?

photo credit Ed Yourdon

The rise of hipster culture is an indication of our collective nostalgia for what we did before the cloud came along that digitized, monetized, and made available everything we want at a moments notice.

My wife and I have a rule: no phones out at meals. It is simple, but it really works. What other rules make sense?

photo credit Oren Levine
photo credit Stefano Mirabella
photo credit Oren Levine

2014 is the year we will start to figure it out.

2014 is the year we start finding smart uses for our technology that enable human connection, interaction, and sharing, as opposed to keeping us apart even when we are in the same room.

Happy New Year!